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Blood Bank Management Software

Blood Bank Management Software bangladesh

Rocket Solutions Ltd being one amongst the pioneers and one stop assets Management (ERP) software system supplier in Bangladesh. An Automation System for any assets Company to stay their analytical knowledge that may structure system flow, manage knowledge, minimize loss of knowledge and generate a lot of correct reports with less problem and among an inexpensive value and easy system to any or all.
The main objective of a true Estate Management project is to bring its entire Department below one network and one central info with MIS. We area unit providing the simplest assets Management System here in Bangladesh that has some core and basic modules sort of a commonplace System.

We also provide software solutions for enabling net blood banking. Visitors from across the globe can access information relating to availability of blood by logging into the system.

Benefits of Rocket Solution Blood Bank Management Software

  • Tracks expiry dates of blood samples
  • User can generate of donor card
  • Group wise donor information
  • Maintain group wise stocks
  • Enables test analysis.
  • Maintain blood transfusions records
  • Daily quality checks and updates
  • Camp organization information
  • Generate group wise receipts
  • Maintains donors list

The Complete Package For Blood Management Software

  • Auto SMS facility for sending birthday messages, testing reports, etc.
  • Accuracy of database is guaranteed & all records can be managed better.
  • Varied kinds of reports can be generated and analyzed
  • Bar code scanning and printing facilities available
  • Multiple functionalities & advanced technology
    Enables blood cross-matching (electronic & serological) and also has a vast storage facility.
  • User can maintain as well as update donors’ data with unique identification.
  • User can keep track of & blood inventory on a continuous basis with ease.
  • User can also keep track of donors as per blood groups & area.
  • Easy interface along with grouping & testing machine
  • Obtain initial outlay at a cheaper cost
  • Customization ensures dynamic solution
  • User can track & maintain data as per donor types – voluntary, replacement & directed.
  • There is no need to fear loss or theft of data as the program is software protected.


By getting a cost-efficient online blood bank management software system installed in your office, you can get rid of unnecessary paperwork and save money on expensive stationery. This is over and above the fact that user can even generate different types of reports for analyzing overall functioning of blood bank and prepare legal documentation online. To know more about our software program, apply online now!

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