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ISP/Dish Billing Software

ISP Billing Software bd

Rocket solutions being one amongst the pioneers and one stop assets Management (ERP) software package supplier in People’s Republic of Bangladesh. An Automation System for any assets Company to stay their analytical information that may structure system flow, manage information, minimize loss of knowledge and generate a lot of correct reports with less trouble and among an inexpensive value and easy system to any or all.
The main objective of a true Estate Management project is to bring its entire Department below one network and one central information with MIS. We ar providing the most effective assets Management System here in People’s Republic of Bangladesh that has some core and basic modules sort of a customary System.





Admin Panel-
* Multiple user create
* View user information update
* Menu permission

Customer Information management-

* Add new client with BTRC required data

* Google searching(Easily can find client data)

* Zone/Box wise client entry

* Monthly active/inactive client

Customer bill management-

* Customer running bill payment

* Customer due/advance bill payment

* All paid/due customer list

Income/Expense management-

* Entry others income(such as router sell)

* Monthly total income

* Monthly total expense(Ex. Bandwidth payment/Electricity bill/Sallery/Rent)

* Account Statement

Balance sheet-

* Day to day balance sheet

* Daily balance sheet

* Monthly balance sheet

* Yearly balance sheet


* All customer information

* All bill collection client

* Zone/Area wise client

* All paid client list

* All due client list

* Income report

* Expense report

* Daily/Monthly/Yearly balance report

SMS Service-

* Integrated SMS service

* Auto SMS customer bill pay

* Due SMS

* Occasional SMS

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