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NGO Management software Bangladesh

NGO software in bd

In our search for best accounting software in Bangladesh, we look for a smart easy and affordable solution which can automate our business. We also rummage for less time consuming and easily understandable modules that take our headache away like automated entries, invoicing, bill payment, Daily expanse report, monthly expanse report, automated cost fixing report, financial reports etc. Additionally, we also look for a smart solution that can be integrable to POS system and bank accounts. Researching all the needs and expectations of the accountants our software development team has come up with a unique accounting software in Bangladesh which is easy to use, hassle free, less time consuming and integrated with all the features that are needed by the accountant.

Module :File

5.User setting

Module: Properties

1.Company details
2.Chart of accounts
3.Create Account type
4.Create Group Chairman/
5.Admission ( with pictures of member, signature & nominee )
6.Account registration:-
=Loan management
=Saving management
= New account create
=General loan
=Monthly loan
=Yearly loan
=Disaster loan
=Environment loan
=Option for any customized loan
=Multi customized option for saving account
=New saving account no.create
=New saving account create
=Installment management
=Group chairman wise Saving /loan management

7.Search personal info
8.Search account info
9.Search Client list
10.Search Group member wise member list
11.Add planning (where work schedule ,group schedule ,day schedule ,Etc.)


1.Item group
2.Item list
4.Purchase return
6.Sale return
With all invoices, and all button of print, delete, edit, print ,save

Module: SALARY

1.Salary generate with increment, Gratuity, Provident fund, (individually )
2.Salary Payment
3.Salary dew
4.Salary sheet
5.Search account wise increment, gratuity, provident fund and salary
With all invoices, and all button of print, delete, edit, print ,save

Module :Accounts

2. Withdraw
3.Cash transfer
4.Revenew income
6.Amount receivable
7.Amount payable

Module: Attendance

1.Add employee
2.Daily attendance
3.Salary schedule and many more
5.Reputation (Good ,Bad)
With all options non-editable )

Module: Reports

1.Chart of accounts
2.Purchase report
3.Sale report
4.Stock report
5.Asset history
6.Transaction report
7.Cash and bank statement
8.Employee wise collection report
9.Account wise collection report
10.Group chairman wise collection report
11.Group chairman wise dew report
12.Group chairman wise client report
13.Group chairman wise installment dew report
14.Search Group chairman
15.Ledger book (account)
16.Ledger book (Client)
17.Trial balance
18.Balance sheet
19.Profit and Loss statement

Module : About

1.About us
2.Simple SMS
3.Quick SMS
4.Branch info


1.Home networking without cable connection for any officer of the organization
2.Auto backup system
3.Portable in any drive
4.Flexible Mobile connection
5.Region to region or country to country networking without any stable internet connection
6.Data must be secured if the computer is crashed or stolen or harmed by viruses
7.Powerful admin authorization or empowerment
8.Goverment investigation flexibility
9.Tax flexibility
10.Clients flexibility
11.Total investment flexibility
12.The owner can control total investment hidden or opened even to all the employees
13.And many more customizations

Software information

1.Desktop base software
2.Life time license free
3.10 years physical support
4.Life time instant customer support
5.3 months free support
6.4 to 10 PC networking

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