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VoIPNx+Voip next generation+L4 Billing Software+Voip Billing =VoIPnx Billing.

What is VoIPnx?

Before you know what is VoIPnx you must want to Know what is VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol ) For this system you need a billing system what we Provide as VoIPnx Biling.

this is not only billing for VoipSwitch, it has also Custom Design CDR and VSR (Voip Switch Reseller) with VSC admin panel include.


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Voip Billing

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               In The charging system of  billing has the ability to control services and manage balances in real-time. This includes, for example, authenticating the subscriber and checking the account balance before service delivery to the end user. The system can also notify users when the account balance threshold set by the operator is reached, or terminate service connectivity when real-time charging indicates that credit has been depleted.

This real-time capability can be used to deliver promotions and notifications to service users to stimulate usage. Our Customer are Fully Satisfied with our Billing system so please contact us and try  Our Billing billing VoIPnx and feel voip next  generation.



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