Windows Dedicated Server

Our Dedicated Windows Servers

Whatever your development plans in Windows Dedicated Servers , Our server has to be meet your requirements.

At RocketSolutions, we understand this. Our servers guarantee performance, flexibility, and security.

We offer a flexible range of servers for every demand, with the latest generation of hardware and unlimited traffic.

Welcome to the next generation of RocketSolutions servers under the Windows Operating System. All of our Windows Servers come with full management service valued at over $150, included with that is Remote Desktop windows Control Panel at no additional cost. Our Windows Servers can be setup with any version of ASP, and over three different database connections. MsSQL, MySQL, and Access are available at no cost! Your server will be provisioned, secured and typically delivered within 24 to 48 hours of purchase. And the VoipSwitch Software Will be Installed by our Support.

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Our Windows Server Price Start With 155$ with Mysql And Web Installed. For VoipSwitch we Charged 50$ per month and Managed Server and Support extra 45$

Note : with Every Server On time re install and Restart Full free.

Every RocketSolutions windows Dedicated server Come with 24× Live Support and Phone Support

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