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We are the first Pc2phone Organizer In Over the worlds.

RocketSolutions offers PC2phone service for all users  so that they can turn any PC or Laptop into a full-functioning telephone, so you can make and receive calls to any phone around the world. Simply download PC2phone dialer in the Pc or Laptop and install into your PC or Laptop and enter the PC2phone User name and password  then Login top up your account as needed. Enjoy The Unlimited Opportunities’ .

It is Actually a Softphone sip or you can Call  Sip Providers Software . To use it you must need a valid user for GK- register Or P2P user.

Only a Sip Provider can Provide you the Valid User of it. Please Feel free to order us your Brand Sip provider Soft Phone

sip servicepc2phone Software

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions or problems.
Our Support Team will be happy to assist you.  

Just Fill your Demand to Our support and get the Sip Services Software Under your Brand Name and Enjoy!  PC Dialer Will be free with every Dedicated Voip Server. For Unblock Country You can use Tunnel Software for

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