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Laundry Management  Software

Laundry Management Software


Rocket Solutionsis a cloud based commercial laundry software designed to automate and optimize all the laundry management operations.

  • Complete track of linen items/weight processed and shipped to your customers.
  • Bill your customers by weight, by piece or both.
  • Easy Touch screen system to create cart Tickets, Delivery Manifests, Invoices etc.
  • Mobile solutions for Customer Order Management.
  • Comprehensive Accounting System with Extensive Reporting.
  • Extensive customized Reporting for every department.

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  • Tracking & Shipping Management
  • Billing, Invoicing & Other Financials
  • Orders Management
  • Cost and Profitability Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Laundry Customer Portal
  • Employee Management and Labor productivity
  • Custom Reporting for all Departments
  • Route Management
  • Smart App
  • Driver App
  • Customization Options

Rocket Solutionsis a comprehensive large and medium scale industrial and commercial laundry operations management software.The software completely simplifies management operations of laundries serving hotel, restaurant, and healthcare industries.

Rocket Solutions software is really a one stop shop for a laundry’s client management, billing and financials, production control, inventory management, productivity tracking, record keeping and much more.

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