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Hotel Management Software Bangladesh

Hotel Management Software Bangladesh

Rocket Solutions Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software bd

Rocket Solutions hotel management system designed for single property accommodation businesses.It perfectly fits all the needs that Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Hostels and Apartments might have.Build your rooms booking website with Rocket Solutions.

Hotel Management Software bd

Here is a list of the most important features:

Main Features

  • -Very detailed Rooms Management system
  • -Powerful Pricing System
  • -Rates per night and occupancy
  • -Different Prices per Seasons of the year
  • -Different Prices for the weekend or some days/holidays of the year
  • -Options management for rooms services like breakfast, beds for kids, taxes etc..
  • -Prices can be different depending on the number of people for each room, for example a triple room can be given to 2 adults for a different price
  • -Restrictions for setting minimum and maximum length of stay in some months of the year
  • -Restrictions for forcing the arrival day in some months/seasons of the year
  • -Coupon System for Discounts
  • -Customized Methods of Payment (Supports Customized Payment Processors)
  • -Powerful booking system in the administrator with calendars for the availability
  • -Multi Language support
  • -Paypal payment gateway pre-installed
  • -Moneybookers payment gateway pre-installed
  • AIM payment gateway pre-installed for seamless transactions
  • -Offline Credit Card method of payment pre-installed for collecting credit cards information without charging the clients
  • -Bank Transfer method of payment pre-installed
  • -SSL support for secure connections

Hotel Management Software bd

Other features

Enable bookings online and automate the reservation process to increase the efficiency of your overall lodging facility management. Online reservations are well known to increase the revenue of your lodging facility. Our customers reported increase in reservations by 30%. Easy to use, professional hotel reservation software, Rocket Solutions hotel Reservation is offering management and reservation solutions for all types of hotels, motels, B&Bs, resorts, etc. Benefit the ideal alternative to manually tracking reservations, following up with your customers and payments. No longer is there a need to keep mounds of paper, lose customer details or lose track of payments. This hotel management system was designed to simplify the booking process and allow you to get on with running your business. Key features: o 4 easy configurable reservation steps, from booking dates to final confirmation. o flexibility in managing reservations o manage rooms, taxes, extra options, email templates and offers o simple, flexible way to room rates o create offers and promotions o choose between 4 different styles for both the module and component o PayPal processor o Wire Transfer Payment processor o and many more…

Hotel Management Software bd

Hotel Management Software bd

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School Management Software

School Management Software

School Management System

  • Student Admission: By filling up certain relevant boxes a student’s profile can be created and saved in the system.
  • Student Registration: By registering the student in the system his/her class, group, section & shift can be saved in the system.
  • Metit List: The Merit List shows a particular class’s section’s shift’s total merit positions with name GPA, Total GP, Total marks and subjects failed.
  • Progress Report: The Progress Report shows a particular student’s subject wise mark distribution.
  • Tabulation Sheet: It shows a particular class’s section’s shift’s tabulations sheet of those student with GPA, Pass/Fail and position.
  • Teacher Assaign: With the help of this software a teacher can be assigned according to group, shift, section and class.
  • Mark Distubition: In this section marks of students are given or awarded by the authorized user according to group, shift,  section and class.
  • Aptituite: In this section Aptitudes of students are given or awarded by the authorized user according to group, shift,  section and class.
  • Add New User: In this section a new user can be assigned by fulfilling conditions by choosing user type
  • Accounts: It will be done after receiving client’s requirements. We have done Basic Accounts Income, Expense etc.



Available Featured Modules:

  • Subject management.
  • Class management.
  • Payments Overview.
  • Subjects management.
  • Fees management.
  • Overdue students list.
  • Student management.
  • Teacher Management.
  • Records management.
  • Management relationships between different types of users.
  • Reports generator.
  • SMS Alerts.

Features related to Students-

  • Students Admission.
  • Students Registration.
  • Students Search

Features related to Teachers –

  • Student, teacher details
  • Teacher Search
  • Teacher Assign
  • Class Management
  • Section, Group, Shift etc. management
  • Marks distribution
  • Progress Report
  • Merit list
  • Tabulation Sheet

Features related to Accounts and administration –

  • Institutional income information and report (on daily, monthly and yearly basis)
  • Institutional expense information and report (on daily, monthly and yearly basis)
  • Institutional, Managerial other reports (Based on requirements)

Online and Smart Messaging Services (SMS):

Main authority of school will find all absent /late student’s lists and parents will also get same alert

  • Regarding their children by SMS, Email and website.Distributing classes of absent teachers who are in same department and instantly informing them by an alert SMS.
  • Instant alert regarding any important notices will go to all stake holders, teachers, staff and parents
  • Parents can ensure all the information of a student in the online by giving ID number.


School Management Software
Price ৳60,000 


More Detail Please Call.

Laundry Management  Software

Laundry Management Software


Rocket Solutionsis a cloud based commercial laundry software designed to automate and optimize all the laundry management operations.

  • Complete track of linen items/weight processed and shipped to your customers.
  • Bill your customers by weight, by piece or both.
  • Easy Touch screen system to create cart Tickets, Delivery Manifests, Invoices etc.
  • Mobile solutions for Customer Order Management.
  • Comprehensive Accounting System with Extensive Reporting.
  • Extensive customized Reporting for every department.

-Demo Photos-


  • Tracking & Shipping Management
  • Billing, Invoicing & Other Financials
  • Orders Management
  • Cost and Profitability Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Laundry Customer Portal
  • Employee Management and Labor productivity
  • Custom Reporting for all Departments
  • Route Management
  • Smart App
  • Driver App
  • Customization Options

Rocket Solutionsis a comprehensive large and medium scale industrial and commercial laundry operations management software.The software completely simplifies management operations of laundries serving hotel, restaurant, and healthcare industries.

Rocket Solutions software is really a one stop shop for a laundry’s client management, billing and financials, production control, inventory management, productivity tracking, record keeping and much more.

Please Call for price and more detail.